National Daughters Day 2023

National Daughters Day 2023

Daughters Day falls on 24th September in the year 2023

Daughters Day date could vary in different countries. National Daughters Day in US is on 24th September 2023. No doubt, Daughters are the pride of one's family and it takes a deep level of love and patience to raise and upbring not only Sons but Daughters. We wish you a Happy Daughters Day. If you are in doubts of when is National Daughters Day or when is Daughters Day 2023, worry not as we will give you exact date of National Daughters Day 2023. National Daughters Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September month. National Daughters Week or Daughters Week as it's often called is celebrated in this month of September.

National Daughters Day US

National Daughters Day is the time when beloved daughters are given gifts, surprises and showered upon love. In the United States(US), National Daughters Day is celebrated with love and affection, with passion and enthusiasm. Daughter’s are bestowded with a variety of gifts, chocolates, fresh flowers, dresses, jewellery and a lot more by their parents. On the day of National Daughters Day in US, parents along with other family members unite with daughters and spend some positive moments together.

National Son's and Daughter's Day in the United States is celebrated on August 11. Although it's not an official holiday.

The idea behind celebration of National Daughter's Day is the same as Mother's Day or Father's Day. The main objective is to encourage and appreciate the family members and spend quality time with them. Similar is the day "Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day", that occurs on the fourth Thursday of April.

When is National Daughter's week 2023?

In the United States, there is no such daughter's week officially recognized by either the government or the general public. Sons and Daughters Day, an unofficial holiday, falls on April 11.

National Daughters day in India

Daughters Day date in India is celebrated same as the United States. Celebrated on the fourth Sunday in the month of September, Daughters Day is mainly felt and celebrated in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. Daughters are given beautiful gifts like clothing, slippers, beauty products, electronic products like mobiles and a lot more. Daughters day quotes and Daughters day messages are circulated on whatsapp and via SMS to wish Happy Daughters Day. Not to forget, they are being pampared a lot.

National Daughters Day UK

On day of Daughters Day in UK, parents and other siblings plan to make this day beautiful and special for the "Daughter". Not only the daughters are being given gifts like the worldwide phenomenon, but also Daughters are given cards and flowers.

When is World Daughter's Day?

World Daughter's Day is marked on January 12 every year.

When is Day of the Girl Child?

As per Unicef and CRY, the day of the girl child is marked on September 24 every year.

A Daughter means love and happiness. Daughter's Day is not only meant to celebrate the love and affection towards the girl child but to make them realise that they stand next to Sons and Daughters are the pride of the family. From the time when the cute daughters are born, they are regarded as the best gifts for parents by the God. No doubt, Daughters are angels of the family. A women acts as a mother, grand-mother, wife, sister but she is also a daughter. The week of World Daughters Day is celebrated as "Daughter's Week" in different countried of the world.

World daughter's day or National Daughters Day is the perfect opportunity to make our daughters feel the love and tell them that daughter is a gem in our life. We all love our daughter's and the day called "National Daughters Day" and we must celebrate it in the best possible way we can to make our Daughters feel the love we have for them. Gifts might not be necessary but see it the other way round that your daughter might sees this day to extract presents from Mom and Daddy.